Thursday, March 29, 2012

A walk started at ChinaTown

 As continued from my previous post (@NagaKun),today a little walking session with my friend to Chinatown.

Well, there are good and delicious food which you can find down there, just take the SMRT and go straight to the food court for some.

Well, I had to thank my friend for his recommendation on the Walnut Paste somewhere in Chinatown (New Bridge Centre nearby)

Eating dessert after lunch was very filling to our stomach, and I do want to go back there again to eat. ( ´・ω・`)_且~

However , I don't see the different between a Peanut Paste and Walnut Paste, do you? 【・_・?】

Although I have to admit that there are nothing much down the path at Chinatown, but what you can see are mostly cheap clothes or deal which is the bargain there. (`・ω・´)”

Plus the food there are so delicious, which make me wondering just what stuffs did they use or add to the dish! 【・_・?】

Of course, both of us did some walking from Chinatown to Funan IT Mall today, but the weather just had to be hot for us.. ()´д`()

Anyway, we did some window shopping down at the Challenger, and another item is now added to my wish list again.

Come across some cool bags, and this bag just have to catch my eye. ∑(O_O;)

Initially, it commonly stand for Short-term memory, but there are many other meaning (@Wiki) and it take me a while to know the full name. (@ STM Bags)

What do you think STM stand for? 【・ヘ・?】

Of course we did have dinner, and the food was so delicious that the egg yolk have to disappear on me before I can take a photo of it. ━Σ(゚Д゚|||)━

I will try my best to catch the food on photo before another part of the food disappear on me. φ(・ω・` )

Well, although there no weight on our ankle, but once we sit down to enjoy our dinner, we're very happy to let our leg rest though. (´□`川)

There was a walking session to Orchard Road, but it seem like my dad give the recall signal to me too, most probably due to the new clothes which I bought for him down at Chinatown. (#^.^#)

Had to retreat to my den, otherwise I will be having another dinner session with my family. ( ̄◇ ̄;)

Well, a good walk today, and with a good shower, my skin back to smooth, lying down on bed give me immediate trip to Wonderland due to the wonderful softness and comfortable of my bed and the nice cooling weather tonight. (。-ω-)zzz

Wonder how I can still blog down here? (。・`ω´・。)

Location of Chinatown Station in Singapore

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Location of Funan IT Mall in Singapore

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