Friday, March 23, 2012

Mato Shooter

Black Rock Shooter Anime
Figurine Post @Danny Choo

Around the same week when Danny Choo post about the figma for BRS Anime version is set to be release on July, the last episode is also ended today.

Kind of hard to take it, not due to that it end, but how Mato finally understand her feeling and defeating Insane Black Rock Shooter.

Once I got the time, I will re-watch it again, and better understanding of the whole story.

I sure there are many BRS Fans out there who understand by watching it once, but I personally wish to watch it again, no harm on that. (^ v ^)

While Black Rock Shooter will continue to fight on despite the end of the Anime series, I think the figurine will help out in the fight.

This time the figma is Hoody BRS, so I might be cleaning my hand once it out, probably...

But most of the anime series are reaching their end, and we will be expecting much more interesting once 1st April start.

Not just welcoming April Fool, but the start of new Anime, School Term for some, and maybe work.

I had to admit I get struck on some stuffs, to the point that I can forgot about other stuffs, but still, it seem like collecting Manga from my sister is not an easy task.

Dirt is always working... nonstop... o(-`д´- 。)

But no matter how much I clear my room, I wouldn't getting any nearer to Danny Choo room anyway. (^_^ ;)

But back to Black Rock Shooter story, with it kind of short story (8 episodes), I am amazed on how Mato become the main heroine over Black Rock Shooter.(・□・;)

Well, Mato "turned" into the normal Black Rock Shooter and defeated Insane Black Rock Shooter, which make me kind of surprise at how the story go.

The story main point down here, is that people will feel pain, hurt, and anger, but they also experience what is happiness and joyfulness.

Although I find it a bit on the part where the worlds of Black Rock Shooter all merge into one, and those who were killed by Black Rock Shooter before, were all resurrect, and help out Mato to defeat Insane Black Rock Shooter with a ... Giant Rock Cannon. ∑(O_O;)

Half-way, I was expecting Clown Black Rock Shooter though, when Mato, out of no where, got a burst of energy, and healing her wound. Although I doubt White Rock Shooter would appear out of no where too, but maybe in Season 2, if they are going to plan for it. (・`ω´・)

Well, you can call it a happy ending since Mato and the other are reunite with the original Yuu, and Black Rock Shooter never die, but I still a bit of amazing, and feeling weird on the ending though.

If you got the time, and interested, you may refer to the following on Black Rock shooter. \(^ω^\)
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