Friday, March 2, 2012

Catching up on MAG

Thinking about, now having a computer is sure a good thing, isn't it?

Able to read manga, read anime, play game, and not to forget, looking for jobs, which sadly I currently still a NEET ...

Anyway, at the least better than staring blankly at the computer and wondering what to do, and I think that it was a trend once, when just staring blankly at the Google web page was a way to escape questioning when someone come into your room.. (^w^;;)

But having to catch up on MAG is another things, since it always updating in Japan, and how I like the varies and different for everyone to choose from.

When i recommend my stuffs, you can choose to take a look, but I wouldn't force you to read, since I believe different person have different taste, which can change over time.

What happen if other people tell you that you have an anime voice?
Will you choose Anime Voice acting as a job?

Well, what I believe when I went to Y.A.G at yoyogi that time, is that anyone can be a voice actor, since everyone have one thing in common, they all do not have the same voice.

But the main important thing is always the same, your voice must give life to the character you voice. And that time during Japan Trip, my whole group didn't stop laughing due to one thing; I give an deep voice to a teenager character...

What can I say? It was my first try? (>w<)

This time in Denpa Kyoushi, Kagami was able to make Kanan having more confident to the point in letting him to hear her 'anime' voice, which catch him totally off-guard..

I do look forward to it next chapter on what interesting thing he going to.

Black Rock Shooter (TV)
after taking a look into the latest chapter in Black Rock Shooter, look like thing is going into the "insane" if you know what i saying...

Initially it was seem like Dead Master and Black Rock Shooter would team up, but after Black Gold Saw 'kidnapped' Dead Master, both Dead Master and Black Rock Shooter had to fight it out.

The fight started in chapter 4 and concluded on chapter 5, and as I mentioned earlier, we got a little peek into Insane Black Rock Shooter.

Also, Yuu is confirmed as Strength, but in the TV, it is say that Strength appear in the Reality as Yuu, not the other way around. But apologizing to Mato, but saying Black Rock Shooter, the path is sure going to be a big one, since we will be watching Insane Black Rock Shooter transformation, I suppose...

Final Fantasy XIII-2

Finally I got my very very clean hand this about last 2 weeks, but when I was back home, I put it on my drawer, and adding on to that, my friend was asking me to play other games, I almost forgot that I have to play this game, despite having all other PS3 game, and not to forget that there are other games releasing like Tales of Graces F and even One Piece: Kaizoku Musou...

For now, I going to be busy on some other stuffs, and personal research, which I not going to explain much.

Hope you all enjoying your day~! (*w^)

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