Saturday, March 10, 2012

Grabbing a Hairband

With a help from my younger sister, I finally got my clean hand on this black Hair band.

Initially before I enlist to NS, my hair was also long, but I didn't bother to cut my hair short or buy a hairband to comb back my fringe.

But I will be only wearing this at home though.

You might feel the tightness when you first wear it, but after a few minutes, you'll getting used to it to the point that you forgot that you are wearing it.

I can see why my sister and mother can forgot they are wearing it.

Don't be surprised that guy don't wear hairband, yesterday I just made a friend who actually wearing a hairband when we are in SunTec Convention Hall for the the first quarter of the year IT Show/Exhibition.

Speaking of the IT Show, it seem like there are many different type of new Computer desktop, Laptop, Camera and other electronic device etc.

Since it a fair, there are cool and sexy girl around, especially at Razer booth.

This time what you'll might be expecting is many cheap stuffs, which you can grab with your own clean hand (if you are in Singapore).

Despite saying cheap, what I was advised by my friend is to get the reliable than cheap one and something which you really need. But since I got no money, I'll have to stick to it for now.

There are also new product showcase like the Razer Blade and PS Vita in the IT show, which many customers here would likely be thinking; "Just take my money!"

Not entirely that this 2 two products only for that sentence though, as there was an offer of 3 32 inch LED TV for $900++ SGD each.

If you did take a peek in Danny Choo's Shibuya Shopping (@Danny Choo), you will notice that he did mentioned how people shouting out cheap offer and many would just rush to get it due to the price being value for money.

And that just how I gotten my clean hand on the Ipod Nano 3G when I got was in Japan, at the price of about 10000Yen at that point of time.

With just 8GB and it reliable brand, this little baby have never once failed me since back from Japan.

So currently I using Iphone as phone and apps, while music will be this Ipod, since I can store more songs and musics to this.

With the current trend, Ipad 2 and Iphone 4S can be seen around, being used by different person, but just for the music only, this Ipod is small, unlike Ipod Shuffle (@Apple), and portable, which I used it when I got for a job/run.

But thinking about it, I really doubt I will be wearing the hair band when I go for exercising though (^w^ ;;)

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