Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Mass Effect 3 and Wacom intuos 4

And... My Clean hand just had to get a hold to this little baby...

Yesterday, the game Mass Effect 3 was released in stores worldwide and those who had pre-order, will get a N7 Warfare Gear and M55 Argus Rifle which can be used in the game once you key in the code.

Initially, if you didn't read the T&R properly, "Offer expires on March 5, 2012. Code Expires on March 7, 2013", you'll just key in the code ASAP, but you might just key it in anyway.

One thing to take note for Mass Effect 3, It is classified as Mature due to the Sexual Scenes in the game, so in Singapore, it been label with the "M18".

If you are underage to buy the game, and yet still want to buy the game, kindly go beg, ask or plead someone that are at the proper age to buy for you. (^w^ ;;)

Together with a friend, we both traded-in our Battlefield 3 for the Mass Effect 3, so we could afford it. The normal game is being sold at $70+ SGD and $90+ SGD for the collection edition.

Amazingly, when you open up the case, if you notice closely, the case display is actually double-sided, which let you having the option to choose; Male or Female Shepherd...

As confirmed, those who had play Mass Effect 2, they will be able to import the game play to Mass Effect 3, with the bonus confirmed; Starting with higher level (26) instead of Level 1, and additional stuffs like decorations.

Hearing from my friends on his comment between the changes from Mass Effect 2, Normandy been though an interior upgrades, from 3 floors to 5 floors, adding more stuffs and features unlike it previous series.

You may refer to my previously post for trailer, if you are interested.
EA First-Person Shooter games - Nagakun

Putting aside Mass Effect 3, I finally got the Wacom Intuos 4 and Photoshop CS5 from my younger sister, who I mentioned currently not into 2-D drawing.

First that catch my eye when I got this, was definitely surprised at just how much the dusts collected at the top.

As I am a cleanness person, I just had to clean it right away.

The good thing about this boxing is; the other one is just something like protector, so the inside is free of duct (mostly).

Initially I wanted to get the Bamboo Manga, also from Wacom company. Comparing both tablet, what make Bamboo Manga unique is that it is small, portable, and easy to carry and most of all, you may use your finger to do 'swipe' effects, which make your drawing a whole lot different.

Although Wacom had released Intuos 5 as it is wireless, Intuos 4 is very good to use if it is depending on my preference and hand size.

Honestly first, I don't have the money to buy the Wacom Bamboo which cost about $200+ SGD in most of the store in Singapore, so I currently borrowing it from my sister.

Secondly, the tablet is very big and yet light, so I find it more to my preferences. Adding on to the features and functions, It is very useful to me in many ways which is actually tempting me to stop any other stuffs that I'm currently doing and to start drawing instead.

Last to sum it up, it come with a bundle software that include all the basic need for you to start drawing, such as Adobe Photoshop and Autodesk Sketchbook.

However, as I like to say; 'Different person has different tastes', so it actually up to you on which you would prefer to use. And if you would like to take a peek on it, you may refer to the following links for references:
Home Page @Wacom | Information  @Wiki

If you got a Wacom Tablet and Mass Effect 3 under your possessions, Which one would you like to start with? (*w* )?
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