Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Mada's Figurine Report 05 June 2012

This week around, I AM in shock, that there are some bunny girl figurine on the run!!


Real Bunny are very cute, and I do like cute stuff myself (~w~)

But still, Bunny girl were point as sexy, but this time, they making it cute to the appeal at the same time!━Σ(゚Д゚|||)━

Don't you just like some bunny to hop in though your door step? My house cat sure did!

And if you are a Fan of the FATE series, then you may want to look for Saber!

This time she going into her bike, and there is her figma form, which she is able to move to your order!

But remember, you can only give her at most 3 orders, and here are 3 of her!

I really give my hat to the FATE creator, for creating a Male-looking Cool King Arthur which is a girl in disguise.

And even as she reveal her true name, she still look cool in her black suit.

Next in Line; School Girls of the se Kirara!

Both Izumi and Aya are ready for pre-order, and they sure look nice, and I do wonder what kind of school suit Izumi is wearing though.


School girls look cute, but main questions, why do male student look at their surrounding in class more than listening to teacher?

I, sometimes, can sleep though the lessons, or just stare blankly at teachers and act as if I'm listening to him/her.

But I'm sure it would be good to ask some girls out for study group though. (●´∀`●)

Even Mari is ready to teach too and she is good in her study. And so is Asuka and Rei!
The 3 of them of are in their battle suit, so you'll better be ready to suit up, before asking them to teach you, though I'm not sure what and how they going to teach you to study.

Main things still, make sure you're able to do the basic thing first. Repeating the same questions do help too.

Bunny girl not caught my sparkly eye, some girl with cute car too!

They also help to exorcise away evil spirit too! And I do hope they can help me to check if there are some who are stalking me though.

Their ear do look, and so is their tail! But I wonder why they are wearing so little. A new type of shrine girl clothes?

I wonder if spirit will run after peeking on them too.【・ヘ・?】

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