Sunday, June 24, 2012

Mada's Sunday Report 24 June 2012

Due to too much playing, I do need to go out and take a little a walking trip around Orchard road, and was bit of surprise to see some stuffs around.

There are some gundam stuffs and toys around, and many thing down there which managed to get my Sparkly Eye activated!

Well, this week keeping a small and simple, which I didn't get to watch anime at my own pace, but my dad's instead.

Well, most anime had ended, or either getting their first Season 1 coming to a stop. It still not an issue to cry over it ending.

It another new beginner for a new anime to get on flight and set off, which is another reason to get your Sparkly Eye Activated!!

I do notice that this summer, some anime are coming back as Season 2, so next week, I might like a few peeking around on Season 1 again.

Even so, I still had many planned schedule down, which I will want to do them, which including putting new post in for this blog.

I still staring at Figurines at some sites like a hungry wolf, though my Black Rock Shooter wallet will kill me if I try to get one.

The one time she won't really stop would be Singapore AFA this year end though, which I might just get crazy in one shot.

OR maybe not. (=x= |")

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