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Brave 10

Brave 10

Creaor - Kairi Shimotsuki

Brave 10
Published in Comic Flapper, Media Factory
8 Volumes (Completed)
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Brave 10 S
Published in Monthyl Comic Gene, Media Factory
2 Volumes (Ongoing)
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Directed by Kiyoko Sayama
Written by Mamiko Ikeda
Studio - Studio Sakimakura | TMS Entertainment
12 Episodes (Completed)
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Story started during about 1 year before the Famous Battle of Sekigahara, with a Iga Ninja, Saizo Kirigakure, walking aimlessly until his encounter with the only Izumo Temple Survivor, Isanami.

In this story, Tokugawa Ieyasu is somehow shown as someone bad, who want to take control of any power that he could grab hold off.

And so, he sent in Ninja to burn down the Izumo Temple and to search for the Kushi-mitama which is said to hold the power which can turn the world around.

Isanami was told to find a warlord, Yukimura Sanada, for help.

At the same time, the warlord was searching for 10 warriors with power which represent 1 symbol on the Ying-Yang with 8 elements that surround it.

Having 4 currently, he was searching for the other, for his secret plan to be lie ahead, and putting up a face that he is unreliable person who don't seem to know what he doing.

Sasuke Sarutobi of Grass, is a full nature lover and a powerful ninja who make use of nature in order to fight, and he got a "Animal Complex" whenever he seem an cute animals from bunny to even panther.

He is a serious type who hard work, and will follow the order of Yukimura carefully. He also someone who care for his friends, and it seem like he show his "Tsun" side to Saizo only.

Rokuro Unno of Water, make use of an unique ultrasonic waves which not only disorient anyone, but able to render them unconscious.

Another thing to note down here is that he follow Yukimura around, serving as his personal body guard.

And it seem like he got another unique ability on his right eye, which can store writings or extract and copy other people's memories. But despite all this power, I don't see where the power of water!! Unless the supersonic is the clue, which never seem to explain much after peeking around.

Anastasia of the Glacier/Ice, also known as The Frozen Flower, happened to be Saizo's childhood friend.

A lost ex-noble girl from Russia, Ana hold the darkest secret within the story, and it seem like she was known as the Ice Queen with a frozen heart of the Iga's League of Five.

Seem like the story like to show fan service of her a lot, and how funny Saizo can only get embarrassed with Ana, which earned him a Jealous from Isanami.

Kakei Juzou of Metal, is the only person who use a gun, and he really name his rifle and care it like a wife; the way I learnt in army, but a bloom for my case.

Being the "Disciplined" and "Rule follower", he can let the Discipline Master in the team, and funny thing is that despite being a skilled warrior who got an eagle eye, he's afraid of Height.

Yuri Kamanosuke of Wind, a Female-looking Sadistic Masochistic Killer who become part of the team due to his obsession on Saizo.

Saizo got the eye of a pure killer, and he was the first to (about to) kill him, though Isanami cut in halfway.

He later joined for the reason of wanting to the one to kill Saizo, but somehow seem to show off a "love feeling" later on.

Miyoshi Seikai Nyudo of Earth, a tall muscular guys, who used to be handsome looking person, who is a powerful believer on god, especially towards Buddhism. He also happened to be Isanami adoptive brother.

He the power house on the team, and it seem like he the one who is very protective of his sister to the point of stalking in order to protect her, though he jealous of Saizo relationship with Isanami.

Benmaru of Fire, a clever child who make trap in lie for people to drop in.

He initially, tested the team to check if they are powerful enough for him to join, and he make good use of gun powder and bomb to defend his opponents.

Lastly, Jinpachi Nezu of Thunder/Lightning, a carefree pirate who sail the sea for fun and in search for adventure. He later joined after Yukimura told him of a beauty (Ana) in his team. He also happened to be a person who Yukimura ask for a "third-person" view on his point.

Also, he a kind person, who do not anyhow kill people off, and made friends with the team very easily, with Kakei being the first, and given him a new gun, after Miyoshi "bent" his favor Gun, Saya.

This story showed the forming of Brave 10, the team under Yukimura, though there was some point that caused Ana to betrayed everyone due to her personal reason, forced by Hanzo.

Strangely, due to playing Sengoku Basara, I must forget that game story in order to read/watch this Manga/Anime, due to different plot, and I find it funny that Hanzo can be the bad guy type.

Although Story ended with the newly formed team, there a new series in the manga called, Brave 10 S (add the S only, due to the "S" in the Ying-Yang), which seem probably continuing the story of the team, and maybe towards the famous battle, Battle of Sekigahara.

It just make me even more happy, since I don't like the story plot to end just the team being form only. Though following the history of Japan (which I peeked before), I wonder how the second season going to come about though.

As far as I peeked, did you take a peek into the warring Era, and the newly formed team, Brave 10.

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