Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Mada's Figurine Report 19 June 2012

This time around, going to take note of how role is very important! (=x= |")

First off, let start out with Swimsuit modelling! Super Sonico is one of the best out there to do that, of course.

Super Sonico @Amiami

Although what surprising to add on to her bikini is the stocking though. And the whole set is all in Black.

It seem like she can take off her white clothes too, and one can get nosebleed after peeking at her dangerous body.

Next role in line is Demon hunter.

Ignis, in her title as Protector of humanity, of course will hunt down the demon and take them out.

Ignis @Amiami

Not a person to cross if you're a demon, but it seem like she one hard-working person, but one need to be careful, since she won't hesitant to cut you down.

Despite that, this nice figma can sure move a lot, and I wonder if the gun which is equip to her is just for decoration.

It seem like it can fire anytime.

If you think Madoka is another swimsuit modeler, then you will need to take a peek at the anime; She's a pilot!

Pilot is another role, and strangely I never expect her to good cute in her swimsuit too!

Madoka Kyouno @Amiami

She is able to tie her hair if you want her to, but don't expect her to move around a lot though.

I really like the anime "Rinne no Lagrange" and she one of those "never themselves to be a hero/heroine"

But I wonder if she going to a modeler next in line as a pilot. Though it not a bad idea if Inia do come in as well.

Inia Sestina @Amiami

Not sure about her role to be frank, though the long gun next to her isn't friendly.

She is from Muv-Luv, and the anime "Muv-Luv Alternative: Total Eclipse is set to be on flight in Summer this year, which is very soon, though I don't know the exact time and date though.
Another role which can't be missed is of course Magical Girl.

And Madoka in her Ultimate form is not someone to cross fire with, and I don't wanna get hit by her arrow too.

Ultimate Madoka @Amiami

I'm sure many like the manga and anime, and so far as I peeked into; her last form is very very powerful, not just beautiful only. 
Another role that I peek would be Samurai. And Gisen not going just slice you up only though. 

Gisen Yagyu @Amiami

It seem like her eye-patch be removed to show her red eye, but I don't think it would be wise once she is holding on to her scary sable though.

I wonder why her ribbon is a robe though. But I like her long white hair (=x= ||)
I do like to say she is a Nurse, though I wonder about the weapons that is next to them though.

Milky Way Hotaru-chan
Commander Erika-chan

If they are fighting against the sickness, I can understand, but if they wear like that and holding weapons, I would get a heart attack instead, and I did seriously had one early in the morning.

I wonder if their suit really make them easier to move. More like a fanservice instead. (=x= |")
Princess is another important role down here, though I wonder how she can be so graceful.

Her long back "tail" can be remove and it seem like her look can be very dangerous if not careful though.

Princess of the Crystal @Amiami

Have to give her the due respect, though I wonder if one can cosplay as a penguins and walk up to her though.

Pirate is another role to be either careful or carefree.

Not sure how one view a pirate, but it really depend and vary from many way.

Marika Katoh @Amiami

As a nendroid, she sure can move about a lot, and best to keep her gun away, else getting some hole in you.

I prefer she give command then seeing her getting rough up and get her gun ready, but it fun to see her adventure though.

There are so many different roles, maybe next time I will go about on role again, if you got one role, you can just comment below and let me know. As for now, let me think which role is very important (=x= |")

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