Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Mada's Figurine Report 12 Jun 2012

Today, I going to keep a simple and quick one, and maybe not.

As mentioned yesterday about " Let peek into the Sea, and what do you See?"

Yes, this time I talking about Luffy, and his crew. And my family really like the Anime a lot. And there are a lot of different crew to choose.

And the good thing is that they can "Move" about, but it still best to be careful in case they whack you by accident.

But I amazed just how ready they are to set sail.

Well, not all of the following can move actually. And I missed out Franky, despite his big size.

-Other One Piece character

Usopp not just become strong, and bit more braver, but it amazing that the figurine was set first ranking due to the nice detailed part, and I wonder what training he given himself.

AS far as I see, it seem like Luffy were way ready to set sail in any sea, and near the Sea, is a beach. Where we may wish to peek if there are any girl in Swimsuit playing!

First in my peeking view will be the 3 Sabers!

-Saber Alter
-Saber of Fate/Zero
-Saber of Fate/Extra

There are some different between each Saber. Saber Alter is an emotionless, so her eye look more "Blank", but she still the same Saber of Fate/Zero, since they are both King Arthur, but different Master.

As for Saber of Fate/Extra, she a different ruler in her previous life, and she got a bigger chest and softer eye than King Arthur.

It would be bad to think the 2 sabers of Fate/Zero and Fate/Extra as the same person, since one is blue and other is red.

Well, there are also other people down at the same beach as Sabers too!

Subaru Konoe
Yozora Mikazuki
Selvaria Bles
Super Sonico
Rise Kujikawa

It bit of common to see most Figurines that are characters in their swimsuit, and I do own some of that type myself.

But I wonder if Selvaria's swimsuit is considered as one in the first place, but as I watch some manga, anime, it made me wonder if there are so many different varies of swimsuit in the first place.

The questions always rise; Why do girl not embarrassed in their swimsuit, but do in their Bra/Panty. Well, don't ask me that, cos I very embarrassed when I'm in either both.

Also, there are so many different type of thing I peeked into over at Amiami site, it make me wanna put some post of it tomorrow, but it depend on my schedule tomorrow since it bit mess up.

If you wish to peek more, you may hand over to Amiami to know more, or just visit some of my Previous posts on figurines.

As for now, Good day!
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