Thursday, June 28, 2012

Keeping Neko In/Out

I remember peeking in one post made by Danny Choo, about a cheap and simple item which can keep the Neko (Cat in Japanese) Out.
(@Danny Choo's Cat Yoke

In Singapore, One can find them at Daiso at the cost of $2 (100 yen in Japan), and I did bought one to try it for Xiong Mao (my house neko)

Somehow, Some Neko seem to take them as Free Foot Massage, which somehow destroy the purpose of even getting it, though some say it work for other Neko. One reason which made me bought one was that my dad once use 2 big BBQ Grill Net to prevent Xiong Mao from running in or out of house.

Just a few more steps to Freedom
But after using it for months, though it did prevent Xiong Mao from anyhow running out of house, it instead caused problem for us. (=_= |")

We had to open 3 doors instead of 2, which gave problem for grandmother. And due to the metal nets, it gave free scratches to the wooden doors, not caused by Xiong Mao.

Previously, Xiong Mao actually "hopped" into our doorstep when it was the size of about our palm. And when my mum called me (via phone) to inform about a little neko "hopping" into our doorstep and don't want to go out.

I actually didn't believed it, since it seemingly impossible. I got a shocked when I went back home and notice a little hair ball that is black and white in color.

Got a few time me with my Imouto want to have a pet cat, though our mum would always reject the idea about having one, but it seem like Xiong Mao is the only Neko which my mum like, since he been living with us for about nearly 3 years, and become part of our family.

Xiong Mao when it was still small
I did bought the Cat Yoke, which is actually to keep Xiong Mao in than out, but instead, it played with it.

And to think that the "pointy" thing was to poke the Neko, and preventing them from In/Out.

But not as worst as the Free Foot Massage as shown in the Video.

So after some Serious thinking and Secret Discussion with Mum, I bought a Plastice Net Frame which actually cost very cheap.

Not bought from the Pet Shop or Shopping Center which cost more than $30! I bought it from those "Ulu Ulu" place at the market convenient shop.

To out or not, That's the Question.
Most shop at the market where they sell some household item would have the net, as show in the photo fixed to the door with some wire/rope/string.

Though fixing it out is tiring, the result actually shown big improvement than using 2 metal BBQ Grill Nets. Even my Grandmother find it very convenient for her.

But even so, the plastic net frame is to be use on (some) door. The main purpose of the Cat Yoke is to prevent the cat from sitting down and not letting them poo/pee.

Yup, a cat do need to be very comfy before they do their business.

But even with the Plastic frame put up, Xiong Mao actually won't cross the thin red line, since he always gotten scold by my sister for even taking one step out; my mum and I would occasionally let Xiong Mao take small breather outside.

Even my dad want to have a walk with Xiong Mao at the park nearby.

What a nice breezing spot.
One way to keep a cat away is to make a good use out a "loud sound", like popping a balloon or a plastic bag full of air.

When Xiong Mao take a step out, just popping a plastic bag or just when the lift door open (which make a sound when opening) is more than enough to make Xiong Mao to rush back house and into it hiding hole.

But sometime when the house door is opened, Xiong Mao would instead relaxed, not crossing beyond the thin red Line. He did seem to be afraid of the outside world.

But even so, this Neko did pee/poo at one door in our house, and that is the kitchen door. (=_=|")

Even when I put the Neko Yoke, it's still played with it. So I use a strong detergent on the floor to prevent Xiong Mao from coming near the place.

Not sure how it work, but Neko, like Dog, got a strong sense of smell, so placing some strong smell detergent let the Neko to avoid the place. Not sure if it work for other though; Never Test, Never Try, so Never Know.

Ever wonder why they use Scary Cat, and why not Dog or Mouse? Well, Neko are the most curious type of animal, and they do afraid of thing that's not known to them.

So some would avoid the water bottle, which one way why there are so many water bottle around in Japan.

When the Neko seem no danger, it would overcome the water bottle very easily though. As for Xiong Mao, it's 50-50. a empty/warm one; he would smell it and come near it; Cold one; Instantly Run away.

No worry for Neko-lovers; Xiong Mao wasn't hurt or harm in anyway, I just put the bottle and let Xiong Mao go near the bottle; I don't force the bottle on him.

With so many ways to keep a Neko In/Out, what type of skill(s) do you use?

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