Monday, June 18, 2012

Pack, clean and play

Did some simple re-packing over, and I went into my "pack-everything-nicely" mode.

Good thing for me is that I wearing a nice soft new slipper bought from Uniqlo, and I already addicted to wearing it.

I wonder how do the Japanese folks love to wear them when I don't see much of Singapore folks wearing Room Shoe; now I like wearing them.

It also help me to keep my feet clean at the same time!

Bought some clothes, and the Cola designed caught my sparkly eye when I walked passed them.

I was getting myself just one Jean, but another pant pulled out by my dad pop on my clean hands since it very comfy too.

Well, I also peeking into some Japanese languages myself, though I am considering myself below beginner though; I still need to correct myself in some of the words.

And due to the point that I am a Chinese speaking, I tend to mistake some of the Kanji and read them as normal Chinese, though the way of pronoun them is bit of similar in some way, for some words.

Embarrassing, I also finally slowly understanding some of the Manga/Anime title like "Boku" which is "I" spoken by boys, which I initially wonder why most title had the same words in their title.

As I almost said; it never too late to do some things, it just depend how and when you decided to start them up.

Even I only start to aware of what is Japan when I was around 17 years old. Manga and Anime come later on, and if one view my previous post somewhere in 2007/2008, that was the my starting point.

It been 2 weeks since I played my PS3, and by the time I noticed, dirt hid under my game console.

Another cleaning session is needed, though is more like Fur invaded my room than dirt; my pet cat did invited itself and lie around my room; I don't remember I got white hairs in the first place.

But even so, Manga and Anime is enough to make me forget the timing and the stuff I was supposed to do though.

I wonder why....

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