Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Biting up some Food 2

The weather been very hot for this few days down in Singapore, and one to need to get a Fan to cool down. (*n* |")

I know today got some rain though, but it didn't stop me from getting some bite out of a tasty Ice Cream.

My favor quote when I biting on this would be "You Scream, I Scream, We all Scream for Ice Cream!!" \(^o^)/

I know there a "season" when Japan sell lot of nice tasty ice cream, and it the best cooling bite when it on that Season, unlike Singapore when got 2 Weathers only; Rain or Shine. (>w< ;)

I remember that time, one restaurant in Japan put up poster of Shaved Ice, and I asked if I got order one. In the end, was told there wasn't any due to Season reason.

Cold Soba is another tasty Bite which could be eaten on Hot weather, or you can choose Cold Somen instead.

Bit on my first Cold Soba in Japan, and instantly I got addicted to it, and still now, I still buy those instant easy cooking to let me get some bite on.

Normally, I would cook a lot, bite on one half, while keeping the other half in the fridge to be bitten at later timing.

The later one is more tasty after cooled off in the fridge, and I do add in some wasabi for a powerful kick. (>w<)

I do bite on Very Fast Food, and I need to exercise to work off the fat after that.

Been told off by my grand/parents for eating Instant noodles for a few days for breakfast/lunch, so I been ordering out some bite instead.

But funny thing is that they go and cook/eat the instant noodles themselves, and for a few days too

One Simple Reason; Instant Noodles easy to bite on, which made it one of the best food being invented! (>o<)

They do use the excuse of "Don't want to eat "outside food". Instant Noodles are easy to cook and they got many different taste too. Did I mentioned that they are cheaper too? (>w< ;)

I did take a bite out of the tasty Maid Cookie which I bought while breezing though Orchard Road. My sister and I like the design of the box.

Japanese cookie box do like very nice, seeing that many different tasty box that I got look so unique. ∑(O_O;)

I had to harden my heart just to bite on those cute and tasty food. Though my parents would just throw them into their mouth.

Due to the hot weathers, been making some cold cooling Ribena for my family, and watching some nice Korean Drama for now. At least I can rest my mouth for now.

As for now, going to peek into some new and old anime. (●´∀`●)

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