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Ben Tō

Creator - Asaura

Series - 

Light Novel
Illustrated by Kaito Shibano
10 Volumes [Ongoing]
Published by Shueisha

Bento Zero :  Road to Witch [Complete]
Bento Another : Ripper's Night [Ongoing]
Published by Shueisha

12 Episodes [Complete]
Directed by Shin Itagaki
Studio - David Production

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Story started with Yo Sato, who was beaten up badly, while looking for some half-price bento.

Unknown to him, there was a brawl for the half-price bento in the supermarket, and the customers, known as "wolves" are fighting each other in order to get their hand on the half-price bento.

Right off the bat, Sato claimed himself dead, but due to his empty stomach, he relive though he lose his memories of what caused him to get those injuries in the first place.

Even after released from Hospital, Hana Oshiroi, took an interest to Sato's life, and want to see how he go about his life, since he is a good materials for her yaoi erotic novels writing.

Although he don't recalled what happened at the supermarket, he remembered Sen Yarizui, a second year, at the supermarket.

Sen give Sato one advice; Not to go near the half-price bento, else he risk getting himself more harm.

But despite the warning, as Sato wish to save some money since he's on tight budget, he still went down to the supermarket, hoping to get some stuff to eat.

And again, he set his sparkly eye on the half-price bento before getting himself getting whack up again, which he finally recalled what truly happened the night before.

But good thing for him, he learned some stuffs about what happened when half-price bento is put up. And was given the same warning by the staff at the supermarket about the brawl for the bento.

Despite all that, he still go down the same supermarket, wanting to know more, though in the end he still get beaten up.

Turned out that sen was the wolf known as The frozen Witch (a name given as she mistaken buy a alcoholic drink call the Ice Cold once). And she invited Sato and Hana to the Half-price Food Lovers club.

Sen forced both of them to join anyway, and tell them the rules for the brawl;

1 - Wait for the God of Discounts, to finish putting up the half-priced sticker and left the battlefield, before starting the brawl. Harassing the God is disrespect and may earn some hit from the other wolves.

2 - If one managed to get their hand on the bento, they can't be attacked, unless those who get their hand on the same bento, they fight it out themselves.

3 - One Bento for one person; don't be greedy.

4 - Lastly, Bento are innocent food, they shouldn't be wasted, so try not to spill them during the brawl.

Those who fight for the bento are known as "Wolf", while the weaker one are known as "Dog". Though those who use tactics which is considered as dirty or looked down are also known as "Dog"

"Pig/Boar" are those who harassed the God of discounts and force them to put the half-price stickers on the bento.

Since they show no respect to other, they get the same treatment.

Interestingly, those well-known wolves get their own nicknames, and sadly, Sato is given the title "Pervert" due to one time where he turned up on one fight cross-dressed, which is much to his dismay, thank to his mix-blooded cousin, Ayame Shaga, another wolf.

Most of the noble wolves were also "Dog" at first, but gain experience and become better fighters with famous nicknames. Even the Bento Zero; Road to Witch, is a short prequel before the Ben-to start, showing how Sen started out as a "Dog" and how she learned of the Half-price brawl, and becoming strong to be a noble Wolf.

Funny thing is how the food taste better for them, since there is a taste of victory in the food too.

After all, it's their hard earned food during the fight.

I do like the story, and I find it interesting on how they fight it out for the food. I'm not sure if this really happened at Japan, since I know there are some who "fight" to get their hand on cheap food.

I did went out and stay until very late, just to go down to the supermarket to grab some cheap Sushi. And I never really got myself in such amazing situations.

Mostly, I just see many customers squeezing together to grab the food with their hands though. But there is no fights, really.

Avoiding a fight is a good tactics, like how Hana can sneak past the fight and get her bento before anyone realized it.

I really like bento in Japan, and the first night I got myself three bento; one dinner, one midnight supper, and one for breakfast.

And I never seen any fight myself, though I recall many people avoid me when I walk in the street over at Akibahara; my friend point out the reason is my "Dark" face. Maybe I shown out that I not a friendly person.

Despite having fun during the fight for Sato, and being a real pervert, he is somehow oblivious to the affection by other girls, mostly 3 of the powerful wolves; Sen, Ayame and Kyo Sawagi.

So, are you interested to take part in the Half-price bento brawl? Then take a little peek into the Brawling supermarket in Ben-To!

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