Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Peeking around again 2

Noticed that some anime like Fate/Zero and Medaka box and some other anime ended, which some being unexpected.

Somehow, as far I did some biting around, it seem like I still watching anime like To Aru Majutsu no Index and Brave 10 recently.

But that didn't mean I miss out on Shining Hearts and Jormungand. Yet somehow I still missing some other anime.

Maybe I not doing thing in the right order, even though I just want to do them as much.

Was kind of sad that I had to let Miku and BRS play along with each other.

Got many other anime need some catching up, and about time that I start to do a little small post on anime which I done peeking.

Planned not to go for some walking trip for a few days for now, since got some stuff that I want to do at home for a while.

I do noted that It been some times that I last show some post on Anime or Manga, but even so, I need to sleep early for this few days too.

Sometime, Just want to stay in my own world for a while, which is one way to relax.

If you asking me what Stress I having, well, kind of personal thing which I prefer to go though first.

Even I would say that things don't smoothly for me at all, and it did bug me for very long.

As for now, Time to take some peeking around on Anime this time around instead.
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