Saturday, June 16, 2012

Gashapon Fair

Capsule Carnival
Location: West Mall, Bukit Batok, Singapore
Until 17 June 2012

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Previously as I mentioned about gathering little bits by little bits, that time was dragged willingly to West Mall to take a little peek on some Capsule Machines.

The event operation had underwent for 1 weeks, and the result? I went on the 4th day of the operation after a tip-off from my friend.

It don't matter what age to just to get a try on the capsule machines, just be careful for the younger children, in case they go and take a bite out of the stuff that come out of the machines.

There was a lot of different capsule machines which make me both shocked and amazed, since I don't get to see much varies in Orchard Road, nor I seem before (face to face) with a very big Capsule Machine.

I prefer to go and choose those capsule machine which contain my favorite characters.

The thrill of capsule is that you'll never expect what you going to get, and I normally try only once, and at most 2 or 3 to try my luck.

I received a tip-off from my friend about someone who empty the whole capsule machines and still never get the one that he wish to get his clean hands on.

As for me, I will be doing another clean up on my whole house (under forceful order by my dad), before I going to display a few of the stuffs I gotten over the long period of collecting.

Well I shocked at my friend's collection of the gachapon, he is amazed at the amount of books I had at my room.

The next thing I achieving to get, next to my bookshelf will a glass displaying bookshelf to put some figurines or gashapon to do some showcasing.

Though I never notice that there are a lot of different gashapon and due to their small size, most of them are considered as cute.

The most common gashapon are mostly Keychain or Handphone Strap, which add some cuteness next to your key or mobile.

One can choose to pin to wallet or bags zipper as accessory too. Or either place it at room as a decoration.

I wonder if there someone out there who pin one to their ear, but I won't recommend you to try it though. (*w* ?)

I seen some Capsule machines during my trip to Japan before and the most common I seem are Gundam and Pokemon.

And I used to like to turn a few of those Pokemon capsule machines with my imouto when we were young.

Yes, there were Gashapon in Singapore, but they were the olden Red type, unlike the modern one where they are of the "White" type.

The old Red one did not really belonged to any company, though now the current White one is the majority of capsule machines are under the Bandai Brand.

Of course, next to the mass capsule machines is a small booth where they sell Gundam Figurine Models, and a place to exchange Notes to Coin, in order to get a turn in the Gashapon.

If my friend didn't teach me about the RG, HG etc Stuffs, I won't even notice about the different in each Gundam Figurine Model.

And as for the capsule machines I've seen, there are range from Anime like One Piece, to "Candy Wrapper" Towel. Also, I wonder how they categorized which one is belong to "Children" and "Girls".

I don't go really go beyond of getting my turns on one capsule machines to get the one I want, since I prefer to try other machines as well.

Though when it my friends and I wish to collect the one which we like, then we wouldn't mind getting our turns on one machines, but I don't go beyond of emptying one machines in hoping to get the "Rare" one, which is very hard to come across.

But it still a nice thrill to turn and guess what you'll get from one turn, though it best to restrict oneself since it not cheap to do just one turn; the more you turn, the more the money you spent.

It the same as turning a Little bits to one lump sum.

Also, there one (human-sized) guard near the entrance which is very hard to miss kill, but it recommend not to disturb him else getting a laser from him.

This event operation is also on a very small scale, so there're not much people taking a peek or walking around on the forth day, but my friend told me that there were many who turn up on the first day to try to get their clean hand on the gashapon they want.

Well, getting a few turn of the Gashapon is more than enough for me. So, do you also take a few turn from Gashapon too?
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