Sunday, December 8, 2013

License 2 Play 2013

License 2 Play is one small events that introduced games to the public, and at the same time having people to get some hand on experience on those new games.

Thing is, despite having all those nice little events, I would be more disappointed than I initially expected.

Well, at the very least the main attraction is where the cosplayer shine their bit in.

Games? Sadly not any of them got activated my Sparkly Eye...

Even so, I still need to go do and check just that little bit out to know.


Being in the same place as Anime Festival Asia Singapore 2013, really don't warrant the same amount of turnout. But there still some who go down for some little peeking or walking session.


Not sure why or what or how, but it do seem there is one prison which let people get in, and try to get out. But for me, I prefer to get my clean hands very very clean off.


Interestingly, there some poles and boxes for some to do their cool move like jumping up in one leap or swinging like a monkey.


There even a little radio control car to play with!

Well, I not that good in drifting though.


If one want to try experiencing how Racing felt when they drive, the GTA 6 is one way to go. There even one where they let people to try to beat the best timer.

I getting crashing to the wall though.

But it do seem that there are some who like to play 2D fighting a lot, and they do play with happy faces... well there are many who are serious for unknown reason.




Hmm.. I wonder what interesting MMO games.. but like I mentioned many ages ago; I prefer Console Games.


In the middle of the whole place, with some scatter around, there are some "Flea" market, so I just did some peeking around. Sadly, I still broke from the last AFA events, so ended up with nothing to grab with my clean hands this time around.

They do have some nice stuffs to grab..


Hmm... Well, not much people around, but most of them just stay near the stage to peek at some nice cosplayers.


Overall, the events is really really really very small, which I wonder if there isn't much peekers or walkers.

Either way, I also go for some peeking myself.

Over and out.

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