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Mada's Peeking Session at AFA Sg 2013 Cosplayer

One thing that I had almost forgotten when I was mentioning about Anime Festival Asia 2013, is about the cosplayer.

Though I did talked about a few of them, but I didn't mentioned about those who were cosplaying outside of the Exhibition Hall.

No problem.

We still going to take a peek at a few of them, due to the reason that I didn't take much of them this year.

I had been hiding inside the exhibition hall that I never took much of my time on those who were cosplaying out in the walkway.

However, I'm still glad that I was able to take a few of them.

And so, let take a few peek of them.


The one thing about AFA SG this year, is that the crowd is way more than I expected, not because due to the reason that I can't take much photos, but due to the blocking others' path isn't good too.

Some cosplay to let other take photo of them, some cosplay to show how much they like the character, while some are just walking around as if cosplaying is part of their daily routine.

Overall, I had to admit one thing about those cosplayers, and that is that no matter how good or bad their cosplaying is, I give them my thumb up for being there at AFA SG 2013 to cosplay.


Some cosplayers do pose nicely for many Peekers to take photos of them.

As for me?

Randomly taking photos in sight.


The most attractive cosplayers tend to be those who cosplay as a group, but don't let them fool you.

Some cosplayers never think twice about choosing characters from the same anime, game, or whichever the characters come from.

I will admit that I do find it funny about cross over of characters in real life, yet it also seem to make me wondering whether if those who cosplay are aware that the characters are not of the same anime/game/etc.

Despite all that, their cosplay are very lovely too.


Some cosplay as a group, and there is one "Special" force down here at AFA SG 2013 too.

I wonder which special force they belong to, and how they are "patrolling" at the events.


Another common thing to peek at the events is that many cosplaying group place their stuffs and belonging together, and also they do "Stick" to some wall or take up some space for themselves.

Even so, when one walk up and request for some photo shot, they never reject the offer.


And some take up some good spot at the events for the photo-shot. I'm really amazed at those pro who brought down their equipment like the stand, board etc in order to take a few nice photo of the cosplayer.

And only those whom activated their Sparkly Eye, of course.


At the walkway, I did noticed a few cosplay that caught my peeking attention, probably due to their costume, and ended with me wondering about their choice of costume.

The above photos show about one in a wedding dress. I was wondering if she was here for wedding shot or what.

If she was here for cosplay, then I need someone to tell me which character she is cosplaying after.


I believe one of the nice cosplaying is those in Heavy Armor.

Those are more cooler than other, probably due to their armor and details. At the same time, they are also harder to cosplay since for the armor, the plot are fix, which ended with the characters with limited movements and sights.

Even despite that, they do attract some peekers to them.


Well, I did mentioned that some cosplay as if it their daily routine, maybe due to having me noticing them walking around, and even hugging their friends (despite of different anime/game character)

I ended up wondering how Gold Roger from One Piece got caught, and who was the one who caught him.


Well, I almost forgot about those in cute costume.


Due to their cute and friendly appearance, they do attracted many peekers, and maybe a lot of children too.

Whether the person in costume is cute or not, I had to admit that they do allow phototaking by many peekers at the AFA SG event.

Even I went up and take a few of them.

What to say?

They're soooo CUTE!!! (>w< !!!)


Some cosplayer like to sit down on the cold hard floor, which I wonder just how can they look so cool too.


Probably their sitting down pose also look nice to shot with my handy camera.


You know.. I really wonder how they walk with the armor on them...

Ended with another question on my mind; "Did Armor in Monster Hunter Series look that cool and easy to walk around with?"


Maybe that question pop into my mind since I saw one warrior from Final Fantasy whose armor seem more easy to maneuver around.

Hmm... Where his Sword and Sheild? (*o* ??


Those who were aware of the incident happened at AFA SG 2013 where one old lady complain about revealing clothes, it seem that I only managed to see girls who cosplay themselves in long dress.

Well, I wish the demon lord can just kill off that old lady... (=x= ||)

Wait... ISN'T the demon lord in front of me?! (*o* !!


For unknown reason, I wondering how cute the girl is... I mean how old is she!! (>w< |||)


The despair sister... pretty looking too.


Well, I had to give my thumbs up to those cosplayers at the events, since they did dress up nicely for the events, and letting many peekers to take nice photos of them.

I did want to cosplay, but since I not a good one, I probably put on hold for now.

As for later... Maybe I just admire which characters is easy to cosplay.

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