Thursday, December 19, 2013

Mada's Figurine Report on Saber Extra Nendoroid

One thing was how I wonder why I used my Clean hands to grab this Nendoroid, which most probably due to being one small fellow fan in the Fate Series.

And as much as I like the many different Saber in the Fate/Type-Moon Series, there just only a handful of them which got into my collection over at my Hiding spot.

Why did I grabbed this?

Well, it not really because that she is the main heroine in Fate/Extra nor is she really my favor characters in the game.

The little fox witch was my favor, but for Saber extra, it might be that she is unique in her way, and her clothing.

Mind you Saber Fan out there; This Saber got the body!

And I really got my mind blown off one side before another side exploded due to peeking at this Nendoroid.


One thing got me bit shocked when I open the box up was that Saber Extra didn't have much spare part, and that is her legs.

I really thought there might be one or two for some movement poses.

But the selling point here might be the face expression, rose on the hand and her trusty sword.


Initially, when I show some review by Good Smile Company, I mistaken that the rose was to be separated, and not stick to the petite hands.

If you want other Nendoroids to have some sniffing around of the nice rose, then you might consider letting them.


As for the sword, I need to give my warning first - It's very POINTY!!

It not only look real and sharp, but the edge is really so pointy that I just had to have my clean hand to try and give it a poke.

In the end, it really hurt my little pinky.. (TwT |||)


With the face expression, the first two starting from the left wasn't the one that convinced me to buy this Nendoroid, but the third one, which is not only her angry expression, it just look so cute to be use by other Nendoroid.

It also can mean that she look determined to do something.

SAM_1277 edit

And as she prepared herself to pose, the semi transparent skirt really look as if you can peek at her to wonder what underwear she's wearing for the day.

And unlike the Saber from Fate/Stay-Night series, she got her Oppai to show off!!


Please let me wipe off the blood leaking from my nose.... ( * w * ||)


And well blood are red, so are the roses, and same to Saber Extra.

I really wonder why was Saber Extra red in color, which actually got me wonder how did the Creators created such a nice Saber.

Mind you, Fate Extra was my favor game which I can't stop playing at that time, and same gone for it sequel.


Most of her pose really made her stand out, even without much spare part to pose with.

Her rose really make her look not only cute, but pretty as well. And I really can't bear not letting her touching her rose at all.


But for someone like me, I had to distract myself by taking a peek at her costume.

As you can see, the semi-transparent skirt really stand out, and it made me staring at it so hard. Probably just me wanting to peek at her underwear. (*w* ||)

SAM_1281 edit

Even her back look so nice, and I really like how the details on it look.

As same as other saber around, she also have the same hairstyle or tying it up.

Too bad there isn't a version of her letting down her hair...


As for her action pose. . .

I really not sure myself how to pose them, but only to follow of what the display box show, or those on the webpage.

Interesting though, no matter how I pose her with her trusty sword, she just look so fierce and ready to strike down anyone.

Sadly I was her target to be taken down since she staring at me...


Due to my numerous escape, it still seem that she is determind to take me down no matter what...

Better run off before anything happen to me.


And also, for those Fate Saber Extra fan out there, if you really like how she look, and really determined to grab her, then better go and grab her with your clean hand, and with a determined mind and heart!

Over and out!! (*w* ||)

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