Saturday, November 1, 2008

New day with New Manga with New hair day


my right eye been hurting me since yesterday till now.
man it still hurt..
due to the weather of cos..
anyway today morning still raining..
it was sure heavy
not really want to go out anyway...

but my mother told me to have a haircut..
i ask for a highlight of hair too...
now i somehow bit of regret highlight hair ...

today see a cat with it 3 kittens..
so cute~
i like them..
wanna hug them and bring them back home..
did bring the small one but the big cat dun want to..
so in the end bring back the kitten after sister play with them..

they were so cute...
Persian cat... cute blue eye...
my sister's bf got stuck by one of the kitten's "innocence and pls let me go eye"

man i also want t play with them...
why i got the cat..

anyway they go off after a while


time for some new manga update
you can check them or to see

i one lazy guy...
for this sem i have to do coding.
and more coding..
actually i got a little time to do my own manga sketch..

ofcos i have to do name..
but i still dun find the story of mine interesting at all..
yet i thinking of making it more better..
i need to do more and more legend and myth research
well ..
first few chapter are important..
but i not good in drawing..
i have to live with sketches...
some of my friends did say the story is interesting
but the only thing that i need to do is the char..
i did their data but still i cant really draw out the char i happy with...

not that i picky about my manga char
but it like choosing the right actor for the right role..
and i want the main char and the other to look right for that role...
let just say i suck at drawing...

in the end i have to do real action and thinking
and pretend i am of those char ...
that did give me more ideas...

let just say i crazy on manga...
manga freak is some prefer to say that...

anyway that all for now..

do read and check manga more

Good reading day ci~
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