Wednesday, November 19, 2008

still raining day

i think i should be exercise more ..
but i get hungry easily zz
nvm ..

it been raining this few day but it still good
just because i take a chance by running back home
and soaked wet dun mean anything
just that it been sometime that i did that =x

just take a little run home XD

there been some anime...
and some manga..
but let take some look at anime later..

anyway i dun think much want to look into my life anyway
it nothing much..
and i do know some funny guy like to go and mess and spam in cBox..
nvm those guys anyway

let look at some anime for now..

Skip beat 7 sub (part 1,2,3)

Tales of the Abyss

it the anime that is due to on the gam Tales of the Abyss
the TALES series
what happen is not very sure myself
like Disgaea
the story is not always base on the game itself
but u can watch them..
it interesting though~

there are 8 ep till now..
i only took an interesting recently
not because i dun like it
but i take notice of it when the first ep was out
i just dun have the time to watch it...

u can go and watch it
just watch and see and look
and that all

Good day~
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