Saturday, November 29, 2008

Day out for relaxing

today my sis wanna go out..
so i was force to tag along XP

today waste total of about
$100 T~T
so fast no money ler lol

anyway we go to Far East Plaza lor
she wanna buy some stuff..
and i did want to check out some too

today also eat in a japanese fast food...
taste good lor..

but ex..
today never did much anyway lol

but till..
some manga time..

i too lazy to put pictures lol


now we can confirm where all the
Straw Hat crew gone too..
but what will be interested if the author make it to the point
on what will happen to them ...
it will give them more screen time lol

the WG themselves have anger the kings of the sea
and look like there gonna be an all out fight lol
luffy will get himself some help
i think.
but it will be great to look at other first lol

oh dear...

i wanna what will happen to those girls..
after being hurt..
and one almost ripped off..
look like the boy are going to take over for now..
and dun think all captain like to fight..
there one who dun...
and other too.
anyway this time i look like one captain differently...
he can deflect a cero..
u check it yourself ..

the village hate naruto at first
they never say he is part of their...

after naruto prove himself...
and to have protect the konaha
with many admit of naruto strength..

now it seen many who die in the fight now...
they all will never sell naruto out...
since they all say..
naruto is now part of them...
and i really like this part..
still it will be good if the 6 demon of pain
all be taken out fast...
although i do know another will be replaced fast..

never think getting first place in manga is easy
there are different topic and chapter which make them all different
i know manga is never easy...
i myself still can't draw good anyway zzz


oh oh oh...
when one plan is off..
one will go out of hand to get more hostage...
that one good plot lol..
i looking forward to what happen..
through i dun think
this story plot will be that easy...


look like ..
maybe author miss this part
or just to make it this way lol

just some part missing out from
the lucky number arc
interesting till i just can't stop laughing


look like i dun really get this chapter
but look like very interesting..
what happen?
i just knew this stupid saying...
that i dun like to say a lot..
"Beware of who is near to you"
but that is sometime
so it not a good saying sometime lol

that all for now...
Good day~
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