Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Sometime... Something have to be done Someway in order to get to Someplace......

this applied to many and almost all thing in this world
or any where else =x

when one want to do something
there are many way to do the work
but still at times
the stuff have to be done in some other way
in order for the stuff to work...

i been doing my itp
and i have to discuss most of the change
since some way dun really work
i do have to ask on-line help too lol

there dun seen to be much for this week..

but do relax since many are having their holiday..
for me...

i have to continue my work anyway

Skip beat 9 sub

Good way to show something
acting can be someway to help other
how to explain..
that all to you..

Good day
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