Saturday, December 6, 2008

Some more new manga update

finally funny thing is that
for the ITP
the lecturer say that we on about 30 plus % done
i done many parts
but all are just little little bit
my partner got problem with his
and that his all are big size chunk
which cause problem since he cant write 3 week on the same things
i wish i can help him on that
but we have to do with a User Manuel for our stuff now

i doing some text in
i giving him doing the editing
i think that is cool and easy in itself
one thing is that i not that good in English
and he really know to make thing simpler and easy
so all and most i do is give a short text on how to use
our stuff
and he will make them more ..

and maybe let just overlook this
and go over to manga!!


So they did not really go back to what happen to the other
crew of strawhat
but it do seen like luffy have to be prepared..
i wonder what happen if he will marry hancock XS
that will be worry and be known much later..
now is to know what will happen to Ace..


A too imbalance Hollow pet..
old man giving it a hole in the chest...
to have him give out his hand to other "soldier"
it do seen that he also take the risk that
he do not want to lose any "soldier"
i do have to think that having those guy
almost being defeated and die..
look like the leader is not just any old man XS


touching part at first
i do think that at first many dun like naruto..
but now it seen that many accept him...
i saying the people in that story ~w~

looking into the damages made by Pain..
that is a bit too much...
i really do hope Kakashi not dead..
really i do...

but why did Pain know the Sannin so well...
one being his ex-comrade..maybe..
one used to be his teacher...confirm..
but what with the last one!!

look like next chapter will tell us...
but i wonder what will Naruto say
when he back ...


what a long arc lol
the last long arc i read in R+ V
was the witch arc..
but i wonder why..
normally they put this story fast...
in a chapter.
but seeing the fight here...
i even wonder if the 4 vampire sister are in good term to each other...

still i dun like a fight when someone is fighting and crying same time.
just dun like that part..


i did tot of a manga myself
and it belong to a fighting part...
but it seen that many dun have or maybe
disagree on some fighting ..
but i do wonder why they never think into a bit deeper..
watch some fighting from the show...
and think of move or skill in your mind
and imagine them...
it so easy to imagine..
unless they can't =-=..


i got my own version of theory on future...
look like some coward villain really gone too far...
to use soul and say they are failure...
seeing just so many soldier..
i even wonder if they are just mindless soul or not...
and i wonder how many sold did he even collected...
i wish not to know anyway...


it not christmas yet but...
look and seen like someone finally understand some stuff..
but i prefer not to spoil it anyway...

but being able to do what you want...
that really another thing known as your goal dream..


surprising ...
air gear 222 have this cover page
in it first page...
having been in modern present japan..
i do seen that some mangaka prefer to put other manga
cover and some page or even their char reading the manga..
they do want to make the manga seen like it in real life..
but anyway back to this..

they having an all Hot Bath chapter..
so much most or less ...
it chapter on...
i think u go read it yourself... *face turn away....*


i wonder what to say...
lucy have to open her gate with her key so she can summon..
it magic summon which some spirit appear and help her to fight..
i wonder if love is even able to help her...
i wonder....

and i just back to watching some anime...
if i got time that it...

Good day~<3
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