Friday, December 12, 2008

Cool Rainy Day

so it been raining
and/or being a cool weather
well that is one good thing...
consider that one hot day can roast us..
still i want to sleep more...
consider you can enjoy a even cooler than normal
when in bed...
i really want to sleep more but still i cant..
consider that i still working..

but i ask for whether if next week i can do work
at home..
well that week is consider Christmas week..
meaning we have to do some cleaning
preparing for Christmas
den a few day is new year...

yes me and frendy can work at home...
he say one quote that i like..
*he say that long before we work..*
"No matter where you work, as long you got do the works, it OK."
so next week i can work at home..
meaning i must do my work..
and dun mean that i can dun do it at all...

i have to start doing the user manual
we making an application
i doing some texting.
but frendy will be doing a bit more..
and some editing...
all by all ..
i think it really help that i have a partner ..
cos at first i was told that i might be doing this alone with the lecturer..
but i think it better this way lol..
still we need some help and do some discussion..
and we really go on-line forum and post for help =-=

anyway if this is done...
i think it will good...
if not it will be some headaches..
there have been some discussions on our works before
and we did abort some idea as they are not working...
and some are...

maybe let watch some anime and manga...
just watch/read them..
i not doing some summary...
i too lazy to do them...
*or just not to spoiler out...

Skip Beat! 10 Sub

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this one good manga..
although sometime i mistake it for one piece
since their work are bit similar..
since do also read other manga..
there a lot of good manga ci~<3


if not go read this little cute manga XD

Good Cool Day Ci~
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