Saturday, November 8, 2008

Time for Manga and Anime and some stuffs

today i eat a bit too much for a day...
think i have to cut down ...
exercise more too...

time for some manga ...

let just see more manga and anime...
for me...
i prefer both ~w~

One Piece 521

look like the fight for luffy is over
but to know more on the slave thing
and the fishmen pirates
i think i know more on why luffy's father, Dragon
say that the world want luffy's answer..
cos the cause which shake the world many times is luffy himself...
not only did luffy able to get off the place,
i think we going to look at the other crew of the straw hat pirates next.
i wonder who next lol..

Bleach 333

Death in two blow
on the same spot
that one scary move that if use by assassin
well the special forces themselves are assassin anyway..
but it was so fast that it do make me wonder what happen in that
split seconds..
and to even look that the guy who say
"Dun Judge other by their face."

Naruto 424

ok ok ok
so some stupid old man still wanna be a hokage
he might as well just die before i say he be one first
look at konona destruction...
i still think that
when other say that they mind about naruto as the nine-fox
early in the manga..
i think that make it clear that naruto is their allies.
even to that extent that many of the ninja just keep quiet
and say they dun know where naruto..
look like pain have no idea where naruto is hiding...
or training...
to think that he make what destruction
to use dead body as his
that his ability
(next week there will be naruto as author need to do research)

Bakuman 13

another good manga i take a liking to know more on manga..
making manga is hard
cos the first step itself is a storyline first
many of you and my friends think that name is important
that is after
a storyline is best make first
then edit and make a good story
before trying out on the name
next thing is the characters
many manga are popular due to the characters itself...
which is hard for me since i lousy in drawing anyway..
and to think manga writer and author find love...
it too hard for me anyway...
i have no true love ~_~
dun bother ask why..

xxxHolic 169

many people have thought of why they exist
many chose to die den to live
that why many people die why ending their live in everyday
to disappear or to chose and live as the life
for me
i tot of the since i was 5.. (dun ask.. i dun know why i like an old man...)
wonder what death is?
why did we live
what happen when we grow
what will become of us when we death
how will we know we are death
i once think of a theory
from my dream
there was a chance that i die already
but i live on as on another time
the time i live say i live while the another time say i die..
so the time will split and show all the possibility..
just we dun know about it..
another is that
when we die..
we are in a dream
the dream say we never die
what i say now maybe that i in a dream now
and when i open my eye
i will forget this dream
and to continue on that life
there many way to think of it
just no one choose to believe or think about it..

FairyTail 110

did many know that
your worst emery can be your great ally
and your great ally can be your worst emery?
looking into this chapter and the few previous one
i think they gain a good ally from the emery side
and just recently gain a worst emery from their own ally..
what going to happen next might be of some shock
but i think it might be interesting to guess what happen next,

D.Gray Man 178

when one think that the other side...
the emery are letting them live
and they have no chance to win
that one scary thing to even think of, right?
well, in this chapter
i really think that they really have much of a chance
and for marie to lost 2 finger just to save his life..
too bad krory is not in the team
cos krory is the only one which can save
an equipment type exorcist when they got hit by akuma poison
by sucking on the poison
that scary though..
yet i really predict the part when the boy
with the innocence to control anyone
and really anyone..
i have a guess that
the near ending
will be that the boy uses his power
to even use link and kill the akuma
to use the akuma against them
the boy's power
itself is not mind control
but it is to prosess the body
and take control over it
it a scary ability but it useful in some way
i think when he take control of that lv 2 akuma
he might use him to turn the other 2 akuma to doll...
that itself
is a good move since that body can also not just control the other body
but to know what that body can do...
let just say he being naughty at first who hate many thing....

Air Gear 220

a match
which might end their life
to continue air trek
well ..
the sleepyforest itself is a very team at first
the 8 kings
once know for their greatness..
now the team who lost might have to give up now...
but still i wonder what might happen next...
is either they can continue
to just end it ...
it not the character choice...
it the author...
i really do know that the author have a hard time ..
either to end it or to continue it..
being a mangaka sure is hard...

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just read the manga if you wanna spoiler yourself..
this ep is that kyoko wanna gain back what being loved by other is..
there is one step for now...
other then that..
this chapter did really find it funny that she is a blood B lol..

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do i know idol can act too..
i dun know
it that person choice to do that anyway
but this ep is sure funny in some way
yet it say about someone decided to show her true personality..
it good in way or another...
dun think stalking someone is good...
i was a stalker too
i can make some one life miserable..
but i choose not to anyway
when i dun wanna stalk someone...
i unknowingly do it..
by taking pictures of other..
that why i choose to take show of sky..
*tot for a sec*
me: lol...

wanna know what i was doing?


That all for now..

Good day~<3
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