Monday, November 10, 2008

Another day

i think i have to prevent myself from playing
badminton first and do warm-up exercise more first
now me and my sister's bf are having muscle cramp...


anyway i got a hard time walking or even sit or stand..
very pain ler..
but never mind that
better den having someone spamming rubbish at the chat box...

can see the ip add..
someone at school doing.. the spam..

anyway here are some manga to look around..

Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles 204
ok.. that time have stopped
and till he make the time start
we see the frozen time..
but to have someone to appear during that time....
it might seen that this manga might end sooner den i tot...
but i have no say to the author if that is what they want

Rosario + Vampire II 13

look like we looking at 3 sister being together..
but ...
i surprised to know when someone cry and den kill someone...
i tot of which manga char will cry and kill at the same time...
in some way..
this is way too much

and i miss that real old moka...
wonder how long did she sleep..

to-Love-ru 124

some one just dun know when girls like him when he was serious..
it just that.
it only applied to some...
and i doubt i wanna follow that...
but sure it bit more funny this time out

Skip Beat! 131

if it was me..
i might just whack those who make my stuff..
but she manages those thing like nothing..
look like her anger is cool down ...
but i wonder how long..
and to think that when acting
you are another person
but it applied to some..
yet if acting is like that..
that hard..
my dad say we have to endure when acting..
my reply...
why act..

i doubt i wanna be an actor..
i dun have the look nor the talent
so that out..

but i just act as my life go on...

that all for now..
gonna sleep early..
or maybe wait and watch Amazing Race...

Good day to all ci~!
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