Thursday, November 27, 2008


some wave just gonna hit me hard now...

and i tot my itp project is getting ok...
now i have to do documentation for my works...
i also have to do more guessing..
er i meant debugging...
on the code..
i not very well known on web2py
i have to ask on-line myself..

well i have to do my work at home too you know?
during the pre-itp meeting brief..
they say all work have to be done at it location..
for my and my partner case...
the location can be anywhere
so we choose the library..
and also..
we can cont doing them at home..
which i prefer...

i might have to re-decorate my room again..
my mum have replace my big dinning table to my PC
it did make my room seen more space..
i can add another relaxing chair...

on other hand too..
i have to re-clean and rearrange the bookshelf..
i have done that .. some part for today...
cleaning part will be tml..
after that..
i will den cut my finger nail =x
the longest is about 2cm
but i cut it all to be 1cm...
i will cut them all by tml...
den i have to wear my contact lens..
cant be buy and never use ...

since it will be nearing to Christmas
and new year
so i have to do some cleaning for now..
i might buy some other stuff..
but that is later lol
that shall be for now..
i wanna rest more lol...
*and do some drawing =s*

Good Day~
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