Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Some quick time

i have to admit that i did go to the AFA'08
At Singapore Suntec City
and i gone to both day...
but to those who gone there 2 days also..
dun say i go 2 days ar..
i got caught by some of my friends
(some gone for 2 day.. and dare to say i go 2 days ar.. when they also.. lol)
posting of the time ma..
maybe tml..
the camera that i use to take those photo are not with me now..

i did enjoy the experience and i learn more those manga and anime...
not to forget i also buy some more stuff there too....

and i too lazy to post some manga ...
but here the links for the .. last week one..
i forgot to post the updated on last saturday and sunday
cos i reached about 10pm plus and i damn tired le..
so i dun really bother to switch my laptop on and do the posting =x

Naruto 425

Bleach 335

Mahou Sensei Negima! 233

to-LOVE-ru 126

Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles 205

so if you read them
you should know what happen
but if you did not do so yet
den go and read...
i been reading manga for this few day too..
so i been sleeping with my manga book at the same time =-=
got scold by mum for that..
anyway dun care that ba..
i did told them that i will clean them up by this week..

quick time is up..
mind you i doing my itp ..
so i doing things faster only...
and now that my assignment 2 for xna is out...
that one can wait a bit first..
i have to do my work..
so far most of the stuff are working...
and so far i still have many part i dun understand..
HTML frameset ...
i have to do that slowly first...

that all

Good day~
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