Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Aiyo.. headache le

but not really
ytd mum got sick so i have to cook ...
cos dun know what to eat so all eat japanese fry udon
i not good in that fry noodle XD
anyhow cook one
it turn out good anyway

itp now getting a bit harder
but still i gonna try more so as to do well
other than that should be ok

but i have to google search for answer lol
and now i should be starting my assignment too
i dun really want to do late minute work
but i think
starting and doing just a little should be ok

i need to do research myself
doing some html coding..
and some python coding..
little here and there

if i can do that part done
and it work
den it like really have a great part of work done
really dun ask me why
i was told that i might want to edit the thing a bit

basically the thing look a little plain
but i say we see whether we can finish the part first
because if the display is nice but not working
then why are we doing it?

we cant load the picture but still it work on other way


time to do a little more research

Good day to all ci~<3
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