Thursday, October 30, 2008

Some more coding.. and manga =x

anyway i been doing some coding for my itp project

funny i tot "FINALLY SOME CODING!"
and it ended up with easy to look at,
but hard to understand and even code it

for those who still don't know what i doing
sorry i only can say that
i using
Python and Cherrypy
it using of python code and html code
i stuck with "img" code which can't seen to show the picture
it actually the code to make a html file
and show the picture you upload to
but me and my partner got some problem with it

but if you got some coding or know what to do
i be grant if you guy can tell me
although i going a bit of crazy thinking over a same code and
getting the same result no matter what i done T~T

time to cool and chill with some manga...

there 2 manga that released bit earlier den i expected...
i do hope naruto and bleach will also be out soon by tml

xxxHolic 168

it just getting weird or i am not thinking and understand that

there are many theory that
if two of a same existence is alive,
one will feel what the other is thinking
that alone can either make one go crazy
or suspect whether he or she is thinking what they should be
sometime i talk to myself alot and i don't know who i talking to...
anyway let just say i thinking too much..
maybe i can think of more manga storyline..
and at the same time being lousy at drawing

Fairy Tail

people fighting each other in order to save someone they care for..
but on other hand there one problem i don't understand..
why is Natsu not able to cross the barrier?
only over 80 old can't go through..
how can a 16-17 old looking be someone whose age is over 80!?
that is somehow a bit of shocking anyway
let just see what happen next..

also i wonder if that is not the case in the first place..

anyway i just post more anime and manga by tml ...

i don't wanna do much for today
but i just have to do the coding and checking why it not working

good thing is i can ask other lecturer for suggestion or help =x
still it best if i can solve it
other than that,
it ok for now

Good days to All ci~!
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