Friday, October 24, 2008

A week in ITP

first week of ITP
well sorry i can't say anything about my project.
anyway remember that i say i learning python.

the common way of logic to many works is
we tend to re-learn and learn new stuff at our first work.
also, there another thing is that what we learn at first
do not mean they are going to be extra useful in the near future.

in working, experience is almost everything.
that why even if you learn everything in your life at first,
not i saying that they useless
however they are your experience!
math might not be easy
but it let you learn to count
a way to count your money so you wouldn't get cheated.
English for communication.

what i mean is like.
i new to Python,
but it also coding.
so what i know on java.
it for First time experience before i start my work.

now to 4 new manga chapter~

Fairy Tail 108

Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles 202

Naruto 422

Bleach 331

what gonna happened in those manga?

for naruto and bleach, they got the action time ready
and there are now fighting..
cos fighting got their own style and power out..
i thinking of a fighting manga myself...
but only by far that i only got the idea...
planning them out..
but i not a good drawer T_T

anyway for tsubasa..
it a bit bad but at the same time it start to only talk more..
i know it a bit bored, but talk reveal the truth..
that the point in the manga..
talk reveal truth, action reveal skill

fairy tail also on the fighting part..

Dgray man have been taking break on some week..
for the author i think it must be tiring.
after all the anime just end not too long

i think that much for today..

Good day to All ci~<3
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