Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Same days for Some days

in some days,
things are done the same,
and times they are not.

i can do the same thing for a few days
and sometime i can do different stuff for each days
it depend on the situation anyway

but sure it been a raining day for this few day
and it really a pain in the neck too when the early morning is so warm.
that Singapore for you,
many say Singapore dun have 4 seasons,
we have 4 season but we do not experience them,
the plant however show signs of the seasons.

although i think Singapore have it own unique seasons.
there are 4 of them:
"Normal Day" - a fine day with no rain or warm weather
"Raining Day" - the raining day which many want to enjoy at home
"Hot Day" - the warm day which many would prefer to stay at home
"Hot yet Raining Day" - i call it the "Sun Rain" for short, it raining yet there the hot sun there,
while, many would still wanna stay at home or will get sick very easily.

in the end, any weather in Singapore
most of them will make other stay at home to rest,
or going to shopping malls which is not to shop...
but to enjoy the air-condition there..
i dun have the right to say other since i saying what i do myself XP

I doing my industrial work in Singapore Polytechnic..
well i find it fine for now.
cos i will be using Python which is new to me,
learning coding again..
which is not my strength..
i wonder why i do computing in information technology,
i can't complain this since there where i meet other who teach me
games and many other on-line stuffs.

i learn a lot because if i never choose it,
i might not know more website and manga
and game like dota maplestory or other games.
so i did think of the part in which i might think of bothing
but a gear in doing my path and work till i marry and retired when i old..

my dream is make a good game and to write a manga.
well i did some starting part for now..

anyway i started on a new manga and i like it.
many would think it for girl but i think it very interesting..
if you heard of it then you should know the anime which start recently

i going to post the manga links here and the 3 anime sub from veoh.

here you go



it an interesting manga and you should read them..

if you dun want manga..
cos i do know some who dun like manga but like anime..

Skip beat! 1 eng sub

Watch Skip Beat! - 1 SUBBED in Anime | View More Free Videos Online at

Skip beat! 2 end sub

Watch Skip Beat! Ep 2 Eng Sub in Anime | View More Free Videos Online at

Skip beat! 3 eng sub

Watch Skip Beat 3 SUB in Anime | View More Free Videos Online at

you can watch them in the new channel OKTO! at Friday 11pm
which replace the D Gray Man.
it sad the anime end with that "FIN"
so we might not be able to see the anime anyway
but i think i will start back to post the update on manga for now
too long never post manga..
so i think i will do in more.
for the anime i will post the link in veoh i find
but i only show those in which i like.

and talking of OKTO!
so finally the Indian channel is out as individual.
not i being racism.
but i really do hope that the indian channel come out as it own
for one reason the kid, van, and art central are together
and the indian dun have much show for them to watch.
so basically the launch of the channel have show the part in which
malay, india, english and chinese own individual channel
i not a tamil guy but i do think
"finally it out as individual"
and for the OKTO! to show Avatar daily at 7.30pm is one good start.
it a good anime and having it to be show do show what the channel have
done for it launch.

so Good Jobs Credit to the Mediacorps.

wanna read more manga?
well i will post some more links for today.

first to be frank
i dun read all the manga until the anime is out.
one reason for me is because i wanna know if the manga got a anime
then it proof that the manga have interesting fact.
but i sometime read other manga and find them interesting despite their ranks
or sometime that they are not in anime yet.

one new manga is Bakuman, i tot the name misled me
but i think it interesting
from the author of "Death Note"
i think the storyline of some guy wanna be a mangaka
my dream too..

but i think i have to hard work now too...


and here some for the manga time..

Negima 229
if you wanna know the series before
here the links:Negima

Air Gear 218

if you wanna know the series before
here the links: Air Gear

another Manga and anime that i like
which i myself start to like during the month
when i back from japan is KekKaiShi
it a good manga and my dad buy the anime..
he say he take a liking to Bleach but when i say there 34 vol of manga
that he had read...
he understand...
he never link manga and anime together...
cos anime is to just watch..
and manga he take time to read because he say he to think of the situation..
almost the same as i read manga and watch anime.
but i watch anime to find it more better..
sometime i get "emotional" when watching anime..
for manga i like to imagine what happened in my mind..
because i reached too many manga...
so my mind can think of many stuff...
maybe that why i can think of a good manga ....


there also the anime of the manga..
but if you wanna watch it..
find it yourself..
google search or anything..
but i watch the dvd myself which my dad bought.
it in Jap/chinese
if you want english, there only the sub for it.

look i post a lot for today..

and i think that all for now..
dun wanna talk too much on it.
maybe i leave the other for tomorrow

See you tml~

Good Days to All ci~<3
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