Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Some more manga to check thm up..

time to post some quick manga that i been reading them up ytd

ofcos i not going to say much,
just go and check and read them yourself..

Kekkaishi 216
Kekkaishi 217
Kekkaishi 218

you can check them out.
well the translator for this manga is slow..
it not really from jump, i think
but i do like the manga itself...
in manga,
3 things is very important
the drawing- so other can see what happening
the story- it have to be interesting to attract other
the character(and their name)- they will be the one who push your manga

no matter how you look at them
this 3 main point are very crucial to a manga.
for me...
i tot of the char...
think up on the storyline...
but one thing that is i lack...
i not good in drawing myself
but it not easy to think up much detail for each characters
having to think up on a character name is very hard..
i do not know japanese surname..
so i google search myself...

dun come say and ask me anything about my manga...
i not going to say it anywhere..

if you read till here or just scroll here..
or even read the manga earlier..

here a new chapter on Skip Beat!

Skip Beat! 130

oh wow..
i can't wait to see the next one fast..
Kyoko look like she found her character's acting role
and it shock many other...
i cant wait to see how happen next..

and if you wanna see the next anime of the skip beat

they are air every Monday on Japan
and Friday 11pm on Singapore OKTO!

i will post the links for the anime when the sub is out

then now..
why not see another anime that is also air same week as Japan


anyway for the manga part..
i have not read up myself yet....

for the anime part wise..
here the links for them

it air till 4ep sub
think 5th one will out soon..

the anime air in Japan is actually one week earlier than Singapore
but still...
seeing the different in days never really matter anyway

Toradora! 1 End Sub

Toradora! 2 End Sub

Toradora! 3 End Sub

Toradora! 4 End Sub

but if you interested in the manga too

here the link..
but it irregular in most site i found anyway

so for now..
that all for now...

Good days to all ci~<3
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