Monday, August 18, 2008

the weekly daily

if u all wanna know what happen to the itp interview?
i dun want to do it
but for itp i just think and learn more stuff there
and i do hope the lecturer can find another one ..
cos i dun ..
i can't imagine if i the only one doing the
data storage stuff on the chemical life science stuff..
funny the science was once in my poly choice 2 to 5 zzz
other than that
i do hope i can do well in the itp...
dun even wanna fail it or i good game lol
i got some friends say they confirm fail one...

i once dota
quit it..
play often...
den really quit...
metal get rusty
play again..
lost as if nothing...
play a few day..
it 3 days lol
and i getting back the hand of it

and the fun and crazy part is..
i have to rmd and relearn all the new item zzz
tot buy right ..
den when know it..
is buy wrong one zzz
make me so mad XD

but i still die..
although i die to save other...
I DIE AND THAN THE GAME OVER (the frozen throne down)

if got ageis that time...
sure more fun..
but i not sure the bug is fixed or not...
anyway ...
think it funny when i die and the game over..
cant managed to even left 1 damn hp lol

1 more thing...
ytd was my grandma birthday
but we today celebrate lol
previous birthday grandma never go wish before blowing the candle
but this time she got...
and it was so long
and i dun know be happy or sad ...
but we do know one thing..
that she got "updated" finally lol

and today i go to her home to get a luggage bag from uncle lol
i was told that the luggage have gone almost around the world lol
and it my first time..
i do hope the trip i having is smooth...
later than i wanna enjoyed the trip
cos there really many thing i can learn and wanna learn
it school study tour
and there 22 including me going...
and my classmate not one going XS

and sad thing is..
there no manga for the week
and i think next week too due to the summer break in japan

the good thing is..
the anime is still on-going
and i think many will roar if they dun put anime...

and the weird thing is...
many anime almost follow up the manga
and they just either put a filler arc or two
or just make the ending different
and i think i dun like that...

i dun like guessing ending ..
like shaman king..
nvr tell us what happening in the end..

and other thing is i dun like ending that not good..
but sudden..
like prince of tennis..

the manga is good
i like happy ending..
dun that make a good ending?
i hate bad or not good ending....

other den that i ok with the manga other den it weird ending..
lucky InuYasha ending is good..
i like follow that manga for dun know how many years le...
if i did not remember wrongly..
the manga is about 12 years..
but i follow it when i was 8
and now i 19..
meaning i follow that manga for 11 year!!
funny ler..
i never go count really
and consider the number of manga i have now ....
even if u imagine..
that is still a lot of manga lol..
i going off at here

bye and good day ci~<3
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