Wednesday, August 20, 2008

sian la sian le sian ler

so i been..
like at home depressed lol

dun know do what ler
play dota to maple
read manga to watch anime

but again..
i just do those stuff anyway and anyhow lol

just this and there
and about 2 week more i go japan for study tour
my dream to go japan first
next is to be mangaka

dream very good...
give u a target of life

and saying of that
this time i add another saying

Past is the answer u done..
Present is the questions u ask..
Future is the choices u make...
What Choices you made is the answer to the questions...

what it mean is easy
past is the achieve of what u have done
present is the thing u going to do
thus the question
and future will be affect when u think and choose the choices

if i nvr go to game development course
my future might be that i never know game more den i think
and i might never play games much anyway

but i choose to go for it
and i play and know and learn many different games
and so..
this is my past answer...

it just a common way to think

next time,
if you got a bf/gf

"will we be together"

be with her/him or not

might be together forever or not

when in Future, Think:

Those are in the past, they are my answer
the fate is the questions, and my decision is my choices..

just a way to say that meaning
i not someone with great wisdom...
i just a 19 old male XD


Dun care..
Heck care..
Anyhow CARE!!!

Good days to All~!
(v)(*w<) ci~!
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