Sunday, August 24, 2008

Airport T3 visit

today go airport t3 for visit..
just to know the way..
because the day before i go japan
my father need to know the way...
although it easy to know where..
but we visit just to know the place first..
and talk about father "easy go easy come..."(is easy come easy go)

there is a shopping place ..
and see the way..

people wanna go to the shopping "inside" the departure..
the outside is nothing special..
no wonder that time News say the cashier say no customer..
although the McDonald there is good
see mostly student go T3 to study...
or maybe not..
dun know la..
that day i go is 6-7am...
and speaking tomorrow i have to go for injection...

haha sad...
i hope not pain..
that time i take that nurse anyhow inject one..

today the final day of the Olympic
next one is 2012 at London...
better it be done and be done and be gone
if not all day see Olympic...
and see how Singapore cant win..
but however we have to still give them applause and credit for
taking part in the Olympic for Singapore...
haha..*clap clap*

think i going off for today..

Good days to all~!

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