Tuesday, August 5, 2008



i finally busy to free
since the final year project
today the presentation is done...
very happy le lor
but darren use my catchphrase zzz


that one phrase which u can use..
done the work
be done with it
and let us be gone lol

that what it mean

the game is good enough for me lol
and now....
do mine one more and last assignments
serious game game documents...
that one ok la

den next week give back the school laptop...
the hard disk ma..
backup to my own one lor
it not mine in the first place XD

i feel very sian for the itp le
and the lecturer have to go and say it so easy zzz

i know i have to take another course
XNA next sem and at the same time doing my ITP
but den la
do inhouse one lor
and she say project related to games..
i personally hate coding...

i may be good with it
but is that i hate it...
and also she say i might do scripting...
that i hate it zzz
si bei sian le lor

today ma...
relax le la
now this week ..
tml go school
thur and fri think can dun go le
since one assignment due this week was done last week..
and to think today i like no time have to just anyone do the
SIMP assignment 2 lol

let see....
manga part ma....
i buy some new manga...
and read some on-line...
i buy to show support la
and the other reason was my father want chinese de lol
he also like the manga ler

they say that after my NS
i go japan learn more on technology and maybe the game there
i want go there do manga more likely lol
i like to make up story =x

i say before
have to do one not too imba
and there have to be some research
like maybe i done some on legend of dragon and phoenix
other den that...
there are some other too...
i also prefer other manga and anime for preferences lol XD

ok enough for a day....
i going back to relax
and i need to start study for the media and laws le...

that all for now...
good days and bye ci~
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