Sunday, August 3, 2008

Fire! Fire!! wait...

isn't those factory on fire most on the time?
the factory between kranji and yew tee mrt station..
i was told that those factory were on fire most the time..
i not that sure la...
but den again...
who know?

i was coming back from woodland causeway point
with my mum after i went there to buy some new clothes..
half-way the mrt stop...
and i saw many ppl looking at one side of the train...
i was like what the..
and saw there was smoke lol

den i was ..
oh my god la
fire ler
see the smoke so black..
i wonder what happen..
but my mum say it common on those factory
since most of the stuff there are wood factory...

but see there still fire and with the smoke so black and dark..
there another burst of fire again when the train start to move..
can see the fire move up somemore..
did not manage to take that shot but..
the seriously..
i think the fire is way too weird for it look..

now i not sure what happen..
should have been put off long ago i think.

also think i been eating too oily this few days.
i need to be careful..
because today very suddenly got a pain in my heart...
dun know what lor..
tot have heart attack..
but went going home it ok le...
i need to rest more ..
ok .
very tired le..

Good day and bye ci~
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