Thursday, August 21, 2008

Daily lifes and lives

what do you think?
so cute?
and look so real, right?

i once promised to show all the pictures of those flowers i take during
the Singapore Garden Festival
but however i can't
wait till i choose those good one..
ok? XD
is alot ler....
one day blog wun't cover it all up XD

now is holiday
and that mean
i have to start up on the "unread manga"
meaning those i buy and put it all there
is for me to read them finish ..
and here it is...

is at the right side one
the other are done le

some i done finish
is that i will sort them out to a "place" in the shelf
after i done all the series
like the one on the left
that one is for all the naruto..
although i put Tsubasa stuff there XD
will sort them up and fast XS

did all see at the sky?
they look so calm
and even if it rain
when there dark cloud
it do not mean you can't go and take them
the sky is nice and beautiful...
just look at it
and you will know how far it is
and how nice it is

when i go on the airplane for the first time
it will like i will off the ground of the time
we all are grounded person
we walk on ground
we do stuff on ground
the 3 thing in this earth
the water
the sky
and the ground

i not going to say anymore weird common way
or i will grow old fast
or let other think that i am an old man blogging XD

Dun care..
Heck care..
Anyhow CARE!!

Good days to all!
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