Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Remember.... Thing

in many theory and life
no matter what happen to one memories...
it all remember by the brain..
if the brain forgot..
then the mind mind..
if the mind forgot..
then the body remember..
if the body forgot..
then the heart remember..
if the heart forgot..
then the soul remember..
if the soul forgot..
then a piece of paper remember..
if the paper is lost or burned..
then someone remember..
if he or she forgot..
then you remember..
if you forgot..
who will remember?

if one was to be forgotten and not remember..
then that one is truly died and forgotten..
but yet you can't deny the existence of the one..
because if a person die..
and no one remember him..
or one forgot him..
the one who know his existence is the person him or her self..

Never forgot what you done..
never forgot what you gone through..
never forgot where you been to..
never forgot how you live..
never forgot who you meet..
never forgot whose things you used..
because those things can be remembered...

if things are painful to remember..
if things are hurtful to forget..
then why did you do those thing first?

things can be remember or forget..
but when one try to think on it..
it was always hard to think about it..
because it been there...
or it will be there soon...

always remember..
a love or hate..
happiness or sadness..
is something what you been though for your life.
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