Monday, April 20, 2009

In preparation..

lol... today should be able to go out den buy
the sp gra. day attire gown...
but i just....
completely forgot about it..
must whack myself in the head...

but maybe next week ba..
i got my hand full for other stuff to do this week..
last week...
was doing other stuff... lol

look like i have to prepared to buy that gown sooner or later still...

anyway i also preparing my own bd..
inviting my friends to go..
but so far not much luck..
they are all not free.. i dun really want to bother them if they are not free..

but i will have to start to invite them this week..
before i go and order buffet for that day haha..

i also waiting for my NS letter.. but by far still waiting =-=|"
maybe i can start to wait for manga too zzz

i will laugh my head off if my letter come by june...
because that is way too far...

got stuff to do and that and so..
see first thing first
and whether i rmd..
i can even completely this blog..
to the point of forgot the number for my Hp no.s....
dun ask me .. i can forgot who i am too...
but that depend on the situation.

good day
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