Monday, April 27, 2009

Life goes on....

if you like the Gundam Seed "Life goes on"
your not the only one.. there many other too..

another song i like is the Gundam 00 "Friends"

i really like japan anime and manga,
interesting and new
even good when some games are make after them

i been playing some game myself...
what i want to do after with be what i have to decided..

my very first was to make a racing car game
for a friends who was with me for long..
although we dun meet now so often haha..

well, it was that dream that i do study game development
but i can't deny that the other dream goal i have myself.

it was manga and anime..
when i was young,
i watch one piece,
and i dun know it was japan
or let alone know what was japan
Gundam series was also one of my favr.
if i be childish for playing pokemon
den i be childish even if i am adult

i play Pokemon for many years
and it what make me think of game
it did change my life...
but let not include playing the game for 3 day 3 night straight
and den get sick at the 4th day....

even i cant stand missing even one ep of the anime
but now.. i can watch one site which show the summary and pictures if i miss one
good thing right?

Pokemon grow in it game, anime and manga..
i do follow one series of the pokemon manga; "Pokemon Adventures Special" series
the authors follow the flow of the game itself
even re-reading back make me rmd when i start playing it

too bad my very first gameboy(non-color) is spolit
it was my very first console game
and was a present given by my grandma...(she still alive)

even when i go out, i still buy some stuff for her now..
like when i go japan, the first present i buy for her was a wallet pouch
very nice...
well, she 60 plus and still fit ...
make me wonder one thing...
my grandpa is of the tiger and she is of dragon...
even still now, they sometime quarrel..

funny my dad say it was quarrel that keep them together...
really make me think up of making a manga about them
but i rmd my grandma still keep their little picture of their wedding..
well that good right?
i wonder if i can find my prefect half haha

but that for later...
(look at sis and her bf being happy)
T_T .. maybe i do seek a gf myself.../(-_-)\
maybe i should not tease her to find a bf ...
now my family make fun of me finding a gf...
i myself do hate when during chinese new year that my big
family tease me whether need their help to find one...
only when cny, the whole big family gather back..
but only once a year..
that enough haha

still if a girl dun like you
dun force too much..
it not being good...
i learnt from exp...
scary exp...
and no asking..
i prefer to forgot those...

i off for now..

sleep tonight and forgot all about those...

Good day~
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