Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Another day another plan

well.. today i sure sleep well..
and alot..
ytd too...
I been restless... ...

haha, well
think maybe i go out tml..
go orchard road!!
and waste my energy walking lol

see ba.. dun know if i wanna even walk to suntec..
seen like i forgot the route anyway lol
i now even wonder what movie should i watch..
it just a pain when 2 good movie come out on the same day..

2 Fast 2 Furious

the knowing is a good intense movie..
but the other racing car also not bad..

not like the other movie...

not that i say it bad..
it just bloody damn...
flying hand and lot lol
the funny thing i can find...
and still weird is..
call out the name of the person u going to kill
den shoot him in the face ..
and to escape despite the bodyguard lol
so straightforward wa

another is getting kill and every bodyguard just watch you die lol
there are many intense part here too
so if you like stuff like this.
you can go and watch.

this movie was first on my list though..
or should i watch..

i like Nicholas cage act of national treasure
and this knowing main character is also the same..
but i have to see first...
man.. this is KILLING ME!!!

and to think i have to plan whether to go for my graduation
in the end i set to attending it..
well most of my friends are going
and also my parents will continue to nag me to go (no choice de lor..)

i got about 3 week to plan my birthday....
it at 5th of may...
and my parents want me to invite my other friends..
well, i do want to invite them..
since in my life, i celebrate with just a cake and a candle lol
never make it big..
primary school got a few though...
just buy cake for my friends to eat only..
still... it also ... just a cake and a candle...

but anyway...
i think i go and read some manga ....
no way there no good manga.. just not interesting only..

as i say.. one manga or manga fox...

so many update each day..
depend what i like .. hehe...

and it do seen that most anime end by march..
i think i will check which one is good to watch..
but it depend....

for now...
*off to do some drawing...*

Good day~
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