Sunday, November 25, 2007

Time to Care for Words

and do care for this even if u dare to dun care them...

NOT-->Nothing over There!

HDB--> Hello den Bye-bye

Nent-->No Evidence No Talk

MRT--> Mum really tall!

JEW-->Joining Excellent Working

NAZI--> Not All Zapping it...

PCC-->Play Chinese Chess

BCC-->Bake Chocolate Cake

NCC-->No Chocolate Cake

DC-->Direct Connection or Dun Care

HC--> Have Connected or Heck Care

AC--> Ampere Connection or Care

anyway i so bo liao le...
but cant think of any more le
that all
if i can think and remember those word i tot of during the day zzzz

G_D_T_A_! (-_-)(")
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