Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Day nos... 2

not writing a dairy here ci~

today what i gonna do?
see lor..

morning till now..
did some running...
some para para dance with my sister..
she quit half-way..
for me?
too long never dance so i not that good hahaha

as usual today is tuesday so maybe i going to lot 1 later..
and maybe not..
to check whether go manga come out or not..
i mean the new one
the comic connection also give out new one on tuesday
and some is ytd..
but i tend to go lot 1 at monday tuesday and friday lol

den tml whether need to go for some briefing or not..
not very sure ler...
still have to see first lor
not like i know ma
see tml lor
be calling my friends to ask later ...

today weather ok lol
got rain in the morning
very cooling..
and nice...
lucky damn i dun need to wake up XP

but still i woke up le =-=

i like bit of cold whether...
if too hot i dun like sweating ~w~

still it ok lor
sweat a bit and den wunt sweat de...
not like some doctor can understand haha
i think i know who that doctor is..

anyway really care about him..
because i like to del some post from some people...
really i do hehehehe

think that all for now...
and think some doctor can't cook..
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