Wednesday, September 12, 2007

So the Result is out...


diao i just manage to get most of my result passed..
so i can relax now for i almost fear i might failed one or 2.. which have the most credit point is the 1 which is just pass while other is b or c =-=''

anyway i dun really heck care rite now but having passed is good 2, i dun want to retake any retest at all....=-0

...see more anime now ba and den found out some are bloody dam!...k i like gundam seed but i dun like the blood, k?=~=''

for some reason the anime "School Days" is about to end but i can see many are not happy about what happening...anway if one is going to die....i dun rly noe how the blood spill and spray like crazy...
dun care heck care anyhow care le la... =s

now to wait a few more min before seeing the art central anime..>.<"

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