Thursday, September 6, 2007

Doing Nth Much Ba~~

Hi there,
been doing nth much this few thing but like doing home cleaning and errand from mum. and also to look out on my sis and her bf at home...
man i got some bad exp from my relation and she insist me to find me diao zzz.
anyway this few day i been reading up old and new manga and anime....too bad dun have chinese language, if not my father will be looking out for them...
if i dl anime, my mum scold....but i dun want to buy odex product zzzz....dam if my dad want to see them zzz i sometime going out to check out are those things but today i staying home to do up some cleaning
lucky today no works.....i just quitted one for some personal reasons...and i not typing or telling out anyway diao
today is ok, cleaning up my room, listening to songs, now to read manga and see anime later ba...
Good days to all (^-*)(")
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