Sunday, September 9, 2007

Do except more when it still not happen yet

should be going going with frends but yet they so busy today (~-~)"

anyway i finally finish playing and complete most of my game story line and about 1 weeks to read finish most of the manga book i bought lol =-=''

still i a bit shocked when most the story line is change in the manga but they look cool.

done finish reading are the Naruto and D-Gray Man...
still got some other to read...

not like i quit work just to read these books, but i want to take a ''complete'' break so i quit.
anyway i might get a bit too busy when the poly school sem. start, but i just like to rest and do nothing much ba. .. haha

and also when download manga.. dun go to go to anime-eden to see ba...i just found out they starting to download more faster den narutofan de.

but still buy the books to show support of the manga anime book~.~

so i nth much to say le....
back to manga>.<

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