Wednesday, February 18, 2009

No one is the same

what my view of life is my view
what your is never mine..
what you see in life will never match mine..

no matter how you say you can say the same thing as other
it will not be the same, because it just an agreement..
when you say other fault and lies,
you will never think of your own.
you will never agree to that.
and even if you want to try reading this.
you will never see my views
you will never understand what one mean.
cos you will misunderstand.
that your mind is set and fix
it will never change
it will never want to agree and think again.
that why,
you will never get new idea that is out of your own life.

i have gone before that,
and i choose to ignore it.
my price was something that hurt me to even want to admit it.
i never understand other..
because i dun want to agree with.
when i do,
i would show out myself,
to other i dun trust
yet they will never know.
because it is themselves
they wouldn't admit it out
nor will they even think over it again

that they will never see a person in another light.
because what people will think that they judge the people right

yet they say one thing and they never know the true meaning
to say not to judge a person by it cover.
they never read a book completely.
they thought that they knew them completely.
but a person is never-ending
and so no one is the same..
and no one ever will...
nor will one able to see through other..
a lie and a truth..
is what they think is enough to judge a person..
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